My name is Joe. I am a video artist and electronic musician currently on hiatus. This is a blog where I hope to share thoughts about art, my own practice, and anything else that might be useful in this regard.

I am especially interested in the possibilities of video as its own medium distinct from film inasmuch as this is allowed by the extensive possibilities for deforming and manipulating the digital image. I am also interested in different ways of formally organizing montage. In these two respects I would say my largest influences are Godard, Makavejev, Deleuze, and Rodowick.

In music I am obsessed with the digital sample and its processing and manipulation for the production of new works as well as ways in which one can create a performance from electronic music. Too often, electronic music shows show you nothing but a person on a computer on stage with an intense look. If not this then there is some implement that looks interesting but produces sounds of no value. These are the two extremes I have most often seen and which I would like to bridge. In sound, though, I have more diverse interests as I would like to experiment with highly processed sound, minimally processed sound, ambient as well as beat driven music, and field recordings. Some artists of interest in these respects would be Jackie-O Motherfucker, Luc Ferrari, People Like Us, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Stars of the Lid.

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